July Giveaway!- CLOSED


Welcome to July!! This is a huge month for Frenchfwries 2.0, we here are FF2 have been working very hard to make tutorials, make wallpapers and keep up with the teckie news, and we are getting a little full with inventory! Good news for you! you get to enjoy this in form of a giveaway, and i’m even giving you TWO chances to enter, yep..two!

How to enter:

  • Enter the first time by going to the Frenchfwries Shop Facebook Page and clicking “like”, afterward come back to this comments page and type in the comment saying that you “liked” my page. Remember, this counts as 1 Entry and you must write a comment that you liked my page in order for it to count.
  • Enter for the second time by viewing my Etsy Shop and coming back to comment on what item you liked the most. Again, you must comment to make this count as an entry, and this can count as entry #2.

and that’s it! Easy peasy! Please keep in mind that this contest ends by the end of this month, Effective August 1st.

So what will i win? – you ask

You get to choose Two of these cute little hair pins….

And the suprise gift is…..

THE FAUX- LEATHER CUFF from this week’s earlier tutorial!!

Good Luck to everyone! i’ll post the first post (uncounted) since i know everyone hates to be the first 🙂

-The Miss


4 responses to “July Giveaway!- CLOSED

  1. Hello, this is a sample comment, if i were a real entry i would say something like this:

    “hi! i “liked” your facebook page, and i really loved all the items in your shop, specially the lacy details beret”

    and this would count as 2 entries yayyyy

    Good Luck everyone!

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